Commitment & Activities

For the purpose of promoting technology use in schools and technology integration in the classroom, ITE will pursue funding strategies to provide the necessary technology and professional development, technical support, to achieve educational goals.

  • ITE will provide professional development and technical support to promote effective technology use and integration, creating new opportunities for learning and to promote student achievement through the development of educators, who integrate technology into the curriculum, align it with student learning goals, and use it for engaged learning projects.
  • ITE will develop strategies to democratize education technology for all students and all teachers. Appropriate funding and professional development represent the key means of supporting equitable access and use of technology to ensure technology literacy and to support meaningful learning for all students, educators and school administrators.
  • ITE will identify specific curricula, practices, skills, attitudes, and policies that can be enhanced through the use of technology to foster significant improvement in the character and quality of student learning and improving student’s academic achievement.