ITE Scholarship Fund

As our society continues to become more technically complex, knowledge and understanding of fundamental mathematics and science, and their application to the solution of real world problems is increasingly important.

We believe that an important element for improving the level of science and mathematics competence is to recognize and reward students who have demonstrated an ability to excel in the academic disciplines of mathematics and science and who will major in engineering, physical or biological sciences, or mathematics, and who have the potential for substantial additional achievement after graduation.

The ITE Foundation $1,500 Annual Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding graduate of a Puerto Rico public high school who has been accepted to pursue a course of study or instruction at an accredited college or university granting undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

Annual applications must be received by the Foundation on or before April 30th.

The application package consists of the following:

    1. Complete transcript of the student’s academic record in high school, including national standardized test scores.
    2. Three references from high school teachers, counsellors, employers, or activities directors. Be sure to tell your recommenders that this must be received by April 17.
    3. Confirmation letter of acceptance from a college or university.
    4. An original personal essay.